Electronic Assignment Submission

Reducing PowerPoint file sizes

If you have to submit a file in PowerPoint format, you will need to ensure it is as small as possible, otherwise it might be too big to submit. The process for down-sizing your file is shown below.


  1. Go to the File menu
  2. Go to Options/Advanced
  3. Look for the Image size and quality heading
  4. Select Discard editing data, and choose 96ppi as the default target output for images.

down-sizing powerpoints

If you want to check the size of a file before uploading it you can hover your mouse over the file when it is on your desktop, or in a folder, and the small pop-up will show the file size.

- If the file shows the letter K on the end then it is small (Kilobytes).
- If it shows with M (megabytes) you may need to downsize it using the down-sizing process.

Note: this can also be used to reduce the size of Word documents.