ZOOM meetings

The pages in this section are intended to get you ready for your first ZOOM web conferencing meeting and how to participate in any future meetings. 

Technical requirements

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The pages in this section are to help you get ready for your first ZOOM web conferencing meeting, and participate in any future meetings.


Technical recommendations:

  • A web-cam (external or inbuilt) is required if you need to be seen in the meeting

  • A headset is strongly recommended to reduce audio issues caused when using inbuilt microphones with your device or with a web camera

  • Try to "stay wired" as much as possible. This means that you should choose wired connections compared to cable-free/wireless connections...
    • Keep a laptop, computer or device plugged into the power rather than draining the battery, if possible
    • Use a broadband Ethernet/network cable instead of a wireless network connection if you are able
    • Use a mouse and keyboard with cables instead of using a wireless keyboard or mouse
    • If you use a headset and/or microphone, try to use one that plugs in, not a wireless/Bluetooth device