ZOOM meetings

The pages in this section are intended to get you ready for your first ZOOM web conferencing meeting and how to participate in any future meetings. 

How to join a meeting

Please use the table of contents on the right to access support related to Zoom meetings.

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Joining a ZOOM meeting

To join a ZOOM meeting simply click on the link provided in either the email invite or the course page to join the meeting. Make sure you have downloaded the ZOOM app to be able to join the meeting promptly.

See the example (below) of the email invite you would receive:

Alternatively if you have the meeting ID, you can join via your ZOOM app.

Select Join and another window will open with the option to add the meeting ID.

When joining a meeting you will be prompted to select whether you are joining with or without video.

Choose to join with video or without video (you are able to turn your video on and off in the video conferencing screen).

Once in the meeting you will see a screen similar to this (note: the host and the participants videos are turned off, their emails are displayed in place of the video).