ePortfolio - Creating your ePortfolio in OneNote

In some of our programmes, you will be required to create an ePortfolio to be used to collect evidence for your Culminating Integrative Assessment (CIA). 

Below is a link to the ePortfolio instructions to show you how to create your own ePortfolio and then copy the template from the link provided.

Once your ePortfolio has been created you can save evidence previously collected into this space.

36px  View | Tirohanga

Video one - Creating your ePortfolio

Watch the video to see Step one, creating your OneNote ePortfolio. (1 min, 4 seconds)

36px Do | Mahi

Now you have watched the video you can create your own ePortfolio in your OneDrive, use the Word template as a guide to remind you what to do.

Once you have completed step one, move on to video two (use the arrow at the top or bottom right of the screen to move to the next page)

Word Template <—open/download here