• He Pataka Reo

    • He Pataka Reo is a Te Reo Maori course designed for students studying at Te Rito Maioha.

      The course is compulsory for students enrolled in any of our initial teacher education programmes - eg. BTeach ECE, BTeach Primary, GradDip ECE.

      For the other programmes offered at Te Rito Maioha, the He Pataka Reo course is optional. If you would like to be enrolled in the He Pataka Reo course, please speack with your Regional Education Leader or Programme Leader first.

    • He Pataka Reo - Layout in ITE Programmes

    • Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

      He Pataka Reo is linked to the following course pages:

      • STAGE 1, Semester 1 (February) - MMT1
      • STAGE 1, Semester 2 (July) - TPR1/PRAC1
      • STAGE 2, Semester 1 (February) - TPR2/PRAC2
      • STAGE 2, Semester 2 (July) - MMT2
      • STAGE 3, Semester 1 (February) - MMT3
      • STAGE 3, Semester 2 (July) - TPR3/PRAC3

      Bachelor of Teaching (PRIMARY)

      • STAGE 1, Semester 1 (February) - PMMT1
      • STAGE 1, Semester 2 (July) - PTPT1/PPPR1
      • STAGE 2, Semester 1 (February) - PTPT2/PPPR2
      • STAGE 2, Semester 2 (July) - PMMT2
      • STAGE 3, Semester 1 (February) - PMMT3
      • STAGE 3, Semester 2 (July) - PTPT3/PPPR3

      Graduate Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

      • Semester 1 (February) - GCRT
      • Semester 2 (July) - 
    • Te Reo Competency Test

    • The Te Reo competency test is completed by all students entering an initial teacher education programme, either before or on Orientation Day. If students have been unable to complete the test when required, they need to complete it as soon as possible after the fact or contact their Regional Education Leader for advice.

    • Entry Level vs Advanced Level

    • Depending on the results of the Te Reo competency test, students will either be put into the Entry Level group or the Advanced Level group. If you start out in Entry Level in one academic year, you might progress your Te Reo and be able to join the Advanced Level the next academic year.

      If you are unsure which group you are in or why you are in the group you are in, please contact your Regional Education Leader or the Lecturer in the Course Page, where He Pataka Reo sits.