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How do I use my email program to reply to a message from Pou Manawa Akoranga?

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Note - This will not work if you receive forum postings as a daily digest. You need to receive messages one at a time in order to make use of this feature.

Click on the "Reply" button in the email program you are using (see the example that follows).

Reply button

Now take a look at the very odd email address that the email will be sent back to. This is perfectly fine and nothing to be worried about. That odd email address is how Pou Manawa Akoranga figures out where the email it receives has to be placed.

Odd email address

It is very important that you delete all the contents of the email before you type your response. If you don't do this, then all of the text that you send back to Pou Manawa Akoranga will be inserted into the forum all over again.

Delete email contents

Now that you've deleted all the text from the old email, you can safely type in your reply and click "Send" (as you see in the image below).

Type email reply

And finally (after around 30 minutes) your email should turn up as a forum posting in Pou Manawa Akoranga...

Forum posting view