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How do I know that an email I have received has come from Pou Manawa Akoranga?

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There are a number of visual clues that you can spot in an email from Pou Manawa Akoranga. Have a look at the example below (which is a forum post that was also sent out by email) and note the following clues.

  1. The "From" email address says that it has come from Philip Roy, but the email address is "". This is the email address used by Pou Manawa Akoranga to send out all emails.Philip is mentioned as he is the author of the post.
  2. The 'Breadcrumbs'...a series of links that show you where on the Pou Manawa Akoranga site the message was posted. In this case, you can clearly see that the message was posted in the "Site news" forum
  3. Unlike regular email addresses, this one is showing an image/avatar next to the sender's name. Some email systems will block this image, but at other times you might see a picture of the person who sent the email (if they have uploaded a photo to Pou Manawa Akoranga)
  4. The series of links at the end of the email. Note how these links mention "Unsubscribe" and "forum"? You wouldn't typically see links like that in a regular email.


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