• Your ePortfolio

    • 36px What is an ePortfolio?

      An ePortfolio is a digital collection created by a student of their course-related work. This work could include: essays, posters, photographs and videos.

      • They can also include other aspects of a student’s life, such as: volunteer experiences, employment history, hobbies and interests.
      • A good ePortfolio is about being a product and a process (a digital collection of artefacts and then reflecting on those artefacts and what they represent).
      • ePortfolios exist online and support student learning.
      • Ownership and control of the ePortfolio belongs to the student.
      • The student is in charge: they decide who can view the ePortfolio, what artefacts are added, how it is designed and so on.
      • The ePortfolio remains the student’s property after finishing their study with Te Rito Maioha.

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      Open the link below to see how to create an ePortfolio and copy the template.

      There are five videos to watch and a Word template to download as well as a copy of Our Code Our Standards.

      Each video is less than 4 mins. Watch the video, complete the step then move to the next video and step.

      How to create your ePortfolio